A strong commitment to diversity is an overarching theme in the Netroots Connect program. The program works to bring underrepresented, underfunded and those in groups traditionally “not at the table” into the online activism fold.

Strings_finalLGBT Netroots Connect works in all levels of the program to increase diversity. The scholarship program performs special outreach to: Women, People of color, Transgender individuals, People living with HIV/AIDS, Youth, Undocumented immigrants and the deaf and hard of hearing.

All Netroots Connect programs have diversity goals. One-half of our participants come from communities listed above and each year we work to expand our diversity. Most recently, we have implemented the use of technology so deaf and hard of hearing individuals may participate in our programs.

We begin each program year with a goal that 50% or more of program participants be from underserved and underrepresented communities. In deficient areas, the program reached out to sponsors to identify and fund additional scholarships. This has helped Netroots Connect to increase our diversity in a targeted and inclusive way.

It is also a goal of the program to guarantee a diversity of issues. Participants represented a wide variety of issue area activists. Participants in the pre-convention represented organizations and activists working on virtually every issue in the national movement. Transgender rights, labor, youth, seniors, sexual freedom, legislation and lobbying, legal work, DADT repeal, ENDA, immigration equality and state organizing are just some of the many issues present at the event.